Why Become an Agent for ZXTLCD?

  • 1. Comprehensive Technical Support and Service: As an agent of ZXTLCD, you will receive comprehensive technical support and personalized pre-sales and after-sales service with a quick response time. We will assist you in handling custom project needs from your clients efficiently.
  • 2. Marketing Resources and Support: We provide free product images and related video materials for use on your website or social media platforms. Additionally, we can help you build a marketing website and support your localization marketing efforts.
  • 3. Exclusive Access to Local Market Leads: As an exclusive agent, you will receive client information and product consultation leads from your local market without any charge. This will enable you to develop and follow up with potential clients effectively.
  • 4. Customer and Price Protection: Exclusive agents will benefit from customer protection and price protection from ZXTLCD headquarters. Additionally, you will receive free samples for demonstration and testing purposes.
  • 5. OEM/ODM Support and Custom Packaging: Exclusive agents can avail themselves of OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) or ODM (Original Design Manufacturer) services, along with support for custom packaging. This ensures that the products meet the specific needs and branding requirements of your market.

Basic Requirements to Become an Agent

  • – Experience and Expertise: Potential agents should have a proven track record and experience in the electronics or display technology industry. Knowledge in business-to-business sales and technical expertise will be considered an asset.
  • – Market Presence: We look for partners with an established presence in their respective markets, including a professional network, existing customer base, and potential to expand ZXTLCD’s reach.
  • – Commitment to Quality: An unwavering commitment to the quality and reliability of ZXTLCD products is a must. Agents should uphold the values and standards of our brand.
  • – Financial Stability: Prospective agents must demonstrate financial stability and resources to undertake the responsibilities associated with the role effectively.

Requirements to Become an Exclusive Region Agent

  • 1. Market Potential: The region should demonstrate significant market potential for ZXTLCD products. A thorough market analysis report may be required.
  • 2. Performance Commitment: Exclusive agents need to commit to certain performance targets and sales volumes to ensure continuous growth and market penetration.
  • 3. Resource Allocation: Agents must allocate sufficient resources, including dedicated staff and marketing budgets, to promote ZXTLCD products and services effectively.
  • 4. Strategic Plan: A detailed strategic plan outlining how you intend to market and sell ZXTLCD products in your region is required. This includes sales strategies, marketing campaigns, and customer service plans.
  • 5. Non-Compete Agreement: Exclusive agents must agree not to promote or sell competitive products in their designated region.

How to Apply to Be an Agent

  • 1. Initial Contact: Reach out to us via our official website or email with your expression of interest. Please provide basic information about your company, market reach, and experience.
  • 2. Application Form: Complete the detailed application form that includes questions about your business model, market expertise, and expected volumes.
  • 3. Document Submission: Submit all required documents, such as your business registration, financial statements, and any other relevant certifications.
  • 4. Interview Process: Selected applicants will be contacted for a formal interview to discuss potential collaboration, market strategies, and mutual goals.
  • 5. Agreement Signing: Upon successful completion of the interview process, an agreement outlining the terms and conditions of the partnership will be drafted and signed.
  • 6. Onboarding and Training: New agents will go through an onboarding process, including training sessions on ZXTLCD products, services, and systems to ensure a smooth start.

We welcome you to join the ZXTLCD family and grow with us as we expand our global reach. Feel free to contact us for any inquiries or further information about becoming an agent.